Sunday, 29 April 2012

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Poonam pandey:

   Leggy lass Poonam Pandey knows it very well as to who,
   When and what to comment on. Now Poonam left her comment 
   Over the match fixing issue which raised millions of eyeballs across the globe. 
   The bombshell posted on her social-networking site profile, ''Match-fixing allegations
   Are back. If you really like sports, you'll never buy these stories. We won the World Cup 
   Fair and square. Simple.'' Recently actress Chitrangada Singh tweeted against strip 
   Sensation Poonam Pandey saying, "How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, 
   When she is ready to strip for kabbadi matches?"  Poonam tweeted, "Tweethearts!! 
   I have surprise for u all in next 24hrs! its gonna get Hot, Hotter & Hottest! :)
   The danger of taking super long showers is that you could start to melt and
   You might not get out in time because how cool would that be....................
   I am raising my hands to celebrate. Don't you wish he hits them all day, 
   Keep Watching this Space A lap of honour, a round of applause, India will win the series.

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